Freeholder Director, Tom Arnone has been working tirelessly to make it possible for every type of business in New Jersey to survive through this pandemic.

And a new one has been added to the list! And it's a good one...

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Wineries and Breweries are now allowed to take part in "Takeout in Monmouth"  so customers can take advantage of beer and wine takeout! (Sorry, no hard liquor)

I mean...I'll take it....

"Last week we saw that we were very successful with the 'Takeout in Monmouth,'" Freeholder Director Tom Arnone said Thursday. "We're going to expand that to the breweries and wineries ... Every week we're going to try to put another type of business on our website."

Here are the Monmouth County Breweries that are now offering beer take-out:

Beach Haus Brewery
732 202-7782

Carton Brewing

Red Tank Brewing

Triumph Brewing
732- 852-7300

And here are all of the Wineries in Monmouth County who are offering wine take-out:

4JG's Winery

Cream Ridge Winery

According to, this rule change was made, "to offset the tremendous economic blow [of] the COVID-19 epidemic has dealt to local businesses." 

Arnone also mentions above that he is looking to add a different type of business to the Takeout In Monmouth website every week.

I wonder what other types of businesses he has in mind to add? I am just glad he is willing to change and adapt the county's rules to what is happening.

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But either way, now you can get beer or wine take out and support a Jersey Shore business at the same time!

If it takes drinking all the wine to support our local businesses, well then you can count on me.

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