Imagine driving up to the ATM and finding nearly $2000 just sitting there. Do you keep it?

Adriana Allen of Boca Raton, Florida drove up to her Chase Bank ATM in Boynton Beach and found $1800 sticking out of the ATM. She didn't see anyone around, no cars in front of her or behind her in line.

Thinking it was a deposit that the machine didn't properly collect, she tried to push the money back in.

When that didn't work, she took the money, drove to the front of the bank, called 911, and waited for the cops.

The cops took the money and her statement and are working with the bank to find the money's rightful owner.

I won't lie to you, if I drove up to my ATM and found a stack of hundreds sitting there, I'm not sure I would have been as honest. I know it's bad karma...but that's a tough one!

What would you have done? Add your comments below!

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