The question that the Jersey Shore has been asking since the show aired: "Was MTV's reality series Jersey Shore hurtful or helpful?"

I think we have just discovered the answer.

The owner of two of the cast's favorite party spots has just filed for bankruptcy.

The two locations are the Bamboo Bar and Karma and both locations are in debt of over $1 million.

However, John Saddy who operates both nightlife locations says that both locations will open this Summer.

What will be the deciding factor? It will be the lawsuit Saddy filed against Seaside Heights, Mayor Anthony Vas, Administrator Christopher Vaz (the mayor's son), police Chief Thomas Boyd and the Borough Council in federal court.

According to, the lawsuit claims the borough, "has implemented and maintains an unconstitutional, discriminatory and racist policy, practice and/or custom of discouraging and limiting African-American and LGBTQ visitors to Seaside Heights."

Take a closer look at what John Saddy and representatives of the Seaside Heights borough had to say when they weighed in on the topic.

Who will come out victorious? It looks like for now, only time will tell.

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