No wonder those who buy their food online and have it delivered to their doorstep laugh at the rest of us.

I am having Easter dinner at my house and decided to do my grocery shopping this past Wednesday and Thursday during lunch time (yes, it took me two days to get it all done.)

First there were the shopping lists, then the grocery carts (you couldn't even turn around in some sections of the stores), the long lines at check out, dealing with stressed-out shoppers, and realizing the one item you really need is out of stock. We know what we're getting into when shopping before a holiday, right?

But the thing that drives me mad are badly planned parking lots. I go to several different grocery stores on a regular basis, and the only parking lots I DREAD are Shop Rite lots. From Neptune to Toms River, it is a testament to the popularity of that store that the lots are so full all the time, but yesterday the Shop Rite parking lot on Rt. 37/166 was absolute insanity.

This particular parking lot felt like it had a highway intersection in the middle of it! In fact, I witnessed what was almost a head-on collision while I was there.

I literally couldn't get across from the further portion of the parking lot to the front of the lot because of the sheer amount of cars whizzing by. And then, once I finally found myself closer to the front of the lot near the store entrance, I almost accidentally pulled into the Panera Bread drive-through!

And this was at lunchtime. I can't even imagine what that place is like after work!

I would imagine this all may have something to do with the never-ending construction project on the intersection in that whole area and people trying to find a shortcut instead of dealing with the barrels and cones...but, still, it is CRAZY.

And even without construction, as much as I LOVE Shop Rite, I have pretty much stopped shopping at the one closest to my house in Neptune off the Asbury Circle because that parking lot is jam packed and you are constantly dodging pedestrians and cars that decide they are entitled to pull right up to the door and drop people off or wait for someone to exit the store and load up their groceries without having to park like the rest of us.

What are your least favorite parking lots?

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