Like everyone, I hate paying for gas. I will drive out of the way for a cheaper price.

Yesterday's experience was a little extreme.

Using my GasBuddy app, I realized that while most of the stations near my house in Marlboro were charging in the range of $3.39-$3.49 for regular (cash)...there was one station charging $3.21! And I could use my debit card so I didn't have to stop at the ATM!

So I went. And it was madness. I waited in line for approximately 15 minutes. I saved $2.34 ($.18 x 13 gallons). I probably wasted about that much in gas just waiting in line.

Was it worth it? Probably not. I just felt so compelled to go to the cheaper station. And besides, that $2.34 adds up in the long figure I fill up about 3 times a week, that's almost 30 bucks a month!

So tell me, would you wait in line to save a few cents? Share your comments below!

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