Just over two weeks until Valentine's Day and roughly 10 percent of couples in the United States will get engaged. For Jersey Shore couples who are about to be engaged or get married, congratulations! You and your loved one deserve never-ending happiness. Just remember, Jersey Shore weddings will never be the same.

Why will Jersey Shore weddings never be the same? Well... I can now marry you. Thanks to the Universal Life Church, I am officially ordained. I can legally officiate weddings across the United States. It sounds so official but really anyone can become a minister. I literally typed my name into a box and next thing you know, I can officiate weddings. You would think it would be a bigger deal? Marriage is a huge step! The reason why I became ordained is that I was fortunate to be asked by my best friends to marry them. I can't wait to be apart of their special day!

Now... I understand I am a rookie and have zero experience officiating a wedding but I got to start somewhere! My style will be exactly like my night show. I will keep it light, funny, and respectful to all those in attendance. Obviously, it's all about the bride and the groom sharing their commitment to each other for years to come. Like the movie Wedding Crashers says, "True love is your soul's recognition of its counterpoint in another." Who would have thought that a ridiculous rated R comedy would have a great definition for "true love".

P.S....minister Jimmy G is available upon request!

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