So this week I have focused on Northern Ocean County and many new projects coming to the area. Mostly between Toms River and Lakewood


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As you can tell from my posts this week I took a tour of the area of Route 9 from Northern Toms River through Lakewood here in Ocean County. I wanted to get a first-hand look at the many construction projects and get photos to share with you. This must be the busiest section of the County with lots of construction.


Shawn Michaels


This time I am focused on a lot that has been cleared along Route 9 in Lakewood. This future project is located just north of Route 70 and Locust Street in Lakewood. I really do not have much to go on with this lot so as we like to do, we figured we would take it to you at home and see if you have heard any rumors as to what this can be?

Have you heard any rumors as to what this lot is going to become? Could it be additional housing or more of a business location? Take a look at our photos and see if anything rings a bell for you.


Shawn Michaels


As always we welcome your input and usually when we pose the question "what is this project" you at home come through for us with information that we can share with our 92.7 WOBM Family.

Post your comments below and let's see if we can "fill in the blank" with this latest project in Lakewood, just north of the Route 70 intersection on the left-hand side of Route 9 heading north.


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