It seems like it has been awhile since we first started talking about this building, probably has been a while, but the Ocean First building continues to grow and it’s coming down the wire now until it’s completed.


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The Ocean First building when completed may possibly be the tallest building in Toms River and possibly all of Ocean County. If your are traveling on Route 37 or Hooper Avenue you can’t miss it as it rises high above all the other local buildings in that area. I have watched this from its start and it continues to evolve and move closer to completion.

Shawn Michaels


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I was curious as to the tallest building in Toms River, and when visiting our friends at Google “tallest building in Toms River” the answer I received was the Gateway Building on the Main Campus of Ocean County College. The Gateway Building is five stories tall and 74,000 square feet. The Ocean First Headquarters appears to be just over 7 stories tall and nearly 80,000 square feet. According to the Google search, the Gateway Building is the tallest building in Ocean County, so the Ocean First project when completed would be the tallest in all of Ocean County.

In addition, some larger buildings in Toms River that come to mind (as being tall) include the Ocean County Justice Complex and Community Medical Center. For the record once again…. I would not want to clean the windows on any of these buildings.

Shawn Michaels


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