So here we are in Southern Ocean County and we are looking at a new project that I recently spotted on Bay Avenue in Manahawkin. Looks to be a fairly large area (lot) that’s being set up for future construction.

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This latest project is located right next to the bowling alley along Bay Avenue in Manahawkin. The project looks fairly new with the lot being cleared and leveled for what appears to be future construction.

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Shawn Michaels


So now we throw this project out there for you to speculate on. Do you know what this is going to be? Or do you know what you would like to see in the section of Manahawkin? There is now signage that states what this will be the future site of, so for now it’s simply speculation.


Shawn Michaels


This section of Manahawkin has various businesses and some residential areas. It sits off of the very busy Route 72 highway, but many still visit this section for shopping, gym, eateries, furniture etc.

Let us know what think or possibly know as we look to find out what this latest project is in Southern Ocean County. Post your comments below and we look forward to your feedback as always


Shawn Michaels


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