If you grew up in the '80s as I did then there is a good chance that you were clutching the arms of your chair in theatres in spring of 1980 because the very first Friday the 13th Movie premiered in theatres across America.

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There was never a movie that had kids on the edge of their seats, like Friday the 13th. It was the ultimate scary date movie as Jason terrorized campers at the iconic Camp Crystal Lake. It was truly a movie that may have led to a few sleepless nights. I can still remember the close scene as Jason thrusts from the waters at Camp Crystal Lake, everyone in the theatre jumped as Jason came out of the water!

Now you can return to that time and visit the actual scene where the movie was filmed! It's the real Camp Crystal Lake and they're doing tours for the ultimate horror fans this spring!

Do YOU dare visit the place Jason calls home? It's right here in New Jersey. These events are held at Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco in Hardwick, New Jersey, which was the primary filming location of Friday the 13th, Part 1. It's a bucket list experience for any Friday the 13th fan!

Get details on this horrifically fun adventure right here in New Jersey, with tours happening this May and June!

CLICK HERE (if you dare) for more details on the events happening in Warren County, New Jersey.


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