I love doing the morning show: it's a nice change of pace, there's a little more to do, and it's fun to wake up the world...but these hours are BRUTAL. I tried to get to sleep by 9p, but my body was NOT having it. Why is it so much harder to fall asleep when you know you have to wake up for something important?

I spent the first hour or so laying in the dark, the second hour tossing and turning...and by the third hour doing that weird negotiation thing..."Okay, if you fall asleep right now, you'll still get 4.5 hours!!" It's like dealing with a hostage situation. "Come on, one yawn...just as a sign of good faith..."

I can normally fall asleep at any time. 10p and nothing good on TV? I'll go right to sleep. 2p and in the mood for a nap? Done.

It was as if my body was resisting that alarm clock. It KNEW.

I eventually passed out, and somehow woke up after only 1 of the 5 alarms I set. (I'm a snooze button kind of gal.) I didn't even need my usual cup of coffee until about 8:45a. I'm surprisingly awake. It's bizarre.

I'm sure tomorrow won't be as easy a wake up...but hopefully tonight it won't be so hard to fall asleep!

Do you find it harder to sleep when you have something important to do in the morning? Leave your comments below!