Have you heard of 2048?

Laurie Cataldo

No, it's not some futuristic movie...it's a completely addicting app that will get you immediately hooked, immediately annoyed...or both.

It's a fairly simple premise, all based on math. (Educational time-wasting!)

You start with 2 blocks with the number 2.

Laurie Cataldo

You swipe to combine those 2 '2-blocks' which gets you a 4-block, and the game then adds a new 2-block.

Laurie Cataldo

The point is to increase your score by getting to that ever evasive 2048 block...which I still have yet to see. I've gotten as far as 1024...and it wasn't easy.

If you have the slightest touch of OCD this game will drive you nuts...and yet you won't be able to stop.


Have you played 2048? Share your tips and brag about your skills in the comment section below!