It's one of my new favorite discoveries, and there's a big name getting in on it. I'm talking about grocery rebate apps, and if you don't use them, you should start!


You shop, send in a picture of a receipt, and get money back. It's seriously that easy.


I've been using Ibotta and Checkout51 for a couple months now, and they are ridiculously simple. Groupon recently released it's Snap app, which I just downloaded.

First of all, the apps are free. Download them in your app store, and sign in (or if you have friends that already use them, ask them for a referral code, because you generally then BOTH get bonus cash.) For example, Snap is offering users $1 for every friend they invite who then uses the app. (So I'll just...leave

The apps will show you a list of promotional items. Ibotta separates them by store and seems to update the list of items more often, while Checkout 51 updates the list every Thursday but can be used with any store. Snap so far seems more like Checkout51.

So how does it work? When you open the app, you'll see a list of offers, like this:

Laurie Cataldo buy a gallon of milk, a few containers of yogurt, a bunch of bananas, and an orange...upload a picture of your receipt, and $1.25 goes into your account. The most annoying part of it all is when your receipt is really long, but it still takes less than 5 minutes.

Sometimes the offers are for very specific products (like 5.7 oz containers of Chobani Oats yogurt) and sometimes they are generic (like any size/flavor/brand of pre-packaged sliced bread.) If you're flexible on the brands you buy, you'll get more money back.

With Ibotta they'll send you the money (via PayPal) after you've earned $5, Checkout51 and Snap, it's $20. In two months, I've gotten $10 from Ibotta. I have about that much in my Checkout51 account.

Is it making me a millionaire? No, but $10 is $10, and I'll gladly take it if someone's offering!

Do you know of any other good rebate apps? Share in the comment section below!