Imagine getting paid to be a safer driver.

A new app is making it happen -- and you can get it for free!

Wall Township resident Tim Cody came up with the idea for the app after he was run off the road by a distracted driver as he was navigating through the circle where Rt. 35 meets Atlantic Ave/Rt 524 in Manasquan. Right after that happened, a safe driving PSA came on the radio, and the idea for Drive Alive was born.

drive alive app
Laurie Cataldo

The app, available for iPhone and Android devices, is quite simple. Before you start driving, hit 'start trip.' When you finish parking after your trip is complete, hit 'end trip.' As long as you didn't use your phone at any time while you were moving, you'll get safe driving credit. And you could win $1 or $2 every single time you have a successful trip.

Cody says the average user receives between $5-$15 a month, sent directly via Paypal.

Even better, the more you use the app, and the safer your Drive Alive record, the better chance you have of winning the cash prize.

There is also a safe driving hours rewards section, where you can 'cash in' your safe driving hours for deals through local merchants (currently deals include 50% hair cuts at Winks salon in Red Bank, a $10 gift card to Cold Stone Creamery, a free votive candle, and more.)

There's also a way to set up the app so you can offer incentives for family members or employees for safe driving.

For example, a reward could be set up so that if your son or daughter gets 20 safe driving hours, they get the pair of shoes they've been begging you to buy them for weeks.

Cody said a New Jersey high school even got in on the action by rewarding students. 'They gave out 4 free prom tickets to the students who drove safely the most and that got like 40 students to drive safely for over 20 hours.'

It's brilliant.

Also, unlike other safe driving apps, this one doesn't 'lock' your phone. Phone calls, texts, and notifications can still come through, and you'll get credit for your trip as long as you don't answer them.

Cody and business partner Mark Duchesne have worked on the app for a couple of years, and it's already seeing a lot of success, with more than 10,000 users at this point.

The only negative thus far is you won't get credit for a safe trip if you also use your phone as a GPS. Cody says, 'In the future we may allow you to use that feature and still retain credit, but for now you have to not use your phone at all to receive credit and build up safe driving hours and get a chance to earn cash rewards.'

drive alive app store
Laurie Cataldo

The Lite version is free, but contains ads (which only play while the car is stopped), or you can pay $4.99 for the full version, with no ads. Both work the exact same way.

Just on my way into work today I saw three people swerving along the Parkway because they were staring at their phones instead of the road. Just yesterday I found MYSELF texting and driving, but I think this would actually keep me from picking up my phone when I'm on the road.

There are really great possibilities here. Imagine if insurance companies got in on the game and lowered your rates if they know you're a Drive Alive app user?

I've already downloaded the app, and I can't wait to start using it. You can get it now in your app store, or by checking out the Drive Alive website.

We might not get rich, but at the very least, we'll all be safer on the roads!

Would this app keep you from using your phone while you drive? Share your thoughts on it in the comment section below!