In the middle of a cold winter here at the Jersey Shore, we all make promises we know we can't keep.

It's just that the winter does that to us. We say things we know we don't mean. But we're so cold it sometimes affects our clear thinking. Here are three things we promise to the weather gods when we're dreaming of warmer weather even though we know they're flat out lies.

I will never complain about the heat. Quite a statement when you know we'll all be moaning about the heat and humidity the second day the temperature goes over 85 degrees.

I don't care how much traffic there is, just bring summer. We don't care about traffic...until 6:00am on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. Then, all bets are off.

The crowds don't bother me, as long as it's warm. That's true, right up until the time we see a crowd at a place we want to be at. The we can't wait until September, when we "can get our place back".

Ahh, the broken promises of a Jersey Shore summer...and we do the same thing every year. It's just another reason to love us.


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