Do you think the teams you root for have annoying fans? Well, one publications thinks that for many of you, the answer is a big yes. So, which fans are the most annoying.

Well, the good news is the top 25 wasn't ranked in any particular order, so we'll never really know just how annoying Yardbarker really thinks they are, but making the top 25 probably says enough.

The study included all sports on the college and pro level, so there were a lot to choose from. Despite that, three pro teams, some of which you may be fans of, made the list of 25. Lets see if your teams made the list.

Here are the three locals that made the Most Annoying Fan list..

Teams With Annoying Fans

I happen to not be a fan of any of these teams. I'm a Giants and Mets fan, but I'm going to take a minute to stick up for the fans on this list. I think everyone handles the passion for their team differently, and when your favorite teams, like mine, just keep breaking your heart, the fans of the teams that are winning always seem a little bit annoying, and that comes with the territories.

Here's an example. My Giants had their hearts ripped out just last night due to a  comeback win from the previously mentioned Eagles. How annoying, right?

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