Memes seem to play a major role in the whole social media experience. This year seems to be the year of the memes gone viral. A year ago, around this time, the hit Netflix movie Bird Box cause a big stir in the meme world flooding everyone’s social media timeline with various references to being blindfolded and getting through life situations.

Shortly thereafter was the whole Epstein suicide scandal, Jessie Smollet scandal, the millions of Trump memes, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, the little blonde girl in the car seat (never gets old btw), Kermit the Frog and the death of Grumpy Cat. While most of these have fizzled out, there are 3 that I have not mentioned yet that I cannot wait to see go!

  1. SpongeBob – iight Imma Head Out
  2. Real Housewives vs Smudge the Cat
  3. Baby Yoda

What will be the next viral meme? We still have a week left of 2019 so anything is possible. Let's just hope whatever the next meme that goes viral is because of something funny and not tragic or scandalous!

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