Three Monmouth County towns made the list of the most expensive towns in New Jersey. Do you think you can name them?

The results of the wealthiest towns were published a few months ago at
and no county was represented in the top10 more than Monmouth County. So which towns made the most expensive list? Here they are.

Coming in at #10, and probably one of the ones you guessed, was Holmdel, with a median household income at $155,842.

The next Monmouth County town landed at #9 and it was Millstone, and in that town the median household income is $156,891.

And that leaves just one Monmouth County town in the top 10 and it is the most expensive town in Monmouth County and the 5th most expensive town in New Jersey with a median household income of $167,480.

In comparison, the Garden State’ most expensive town last year was Millburn in Essex County and their household median income came in at $202,862.

We always knew there was some money here in Monmouth County and now the figures really back that up. It is worth a mention that the statewide median household income for the data period was $76,475.

2020 of course has come with it’s own very unique set of financial challenges, to say the least, and we’ll have to wait and see how that will impact these rankings. There is no doubt we will be seeing financial statistics that will surprise us for some years to come. Only time will tell.

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