It feels like a long time since last summer, and in just one visit, I've been reminded of some amazing things I forgot about the Asbury Park boardwalk since the last time we broadcast from here.

So here are three things I wanted to remind you about an early morning at the gorgeous Asbury Park boardwalk.

Convention Hall silhouette. There is nothing more amazing than being in the shadows of this iconic building. Your head will spin thinking of all the historic moments that happening in or near this amazing structure.

Serenity. It is amazing how beautiful, peaceful and relaxing an early morning can be here. The sound of the waves and seagulls and the gentle breeze will put you in amazing frame of mind.

Yes, the sunrise. Every time Liz is there when the sun rises, she feels compelled to do play by play, talk or otherwise pierce the beauty of the silence of a sunrise. Despite her "enthusiasm" and my complaining about it, there really is nothing more beautiful than a Asbury Boardwalk sunrise.

There are plenty more reasons to start a summer Friday morning here and we hope to see you soon!

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