Do you think you've heard everything about New Jersey? There might be some things that you actually never heard.

We've been doing some digging, and we think there might be some things about New Jersey that you didn't know. So here are three things you might not know about the Garden State.

(1) Knobbed whelk. What? Yes, meet the knobbed whelk. It's New Jersey's state seashell, and if you've ever had scungilli, well then you've already met the knobbed whelk.

(2) Beemerville. No, it's not a place with a lot of fancy cars. It's actually a volcano, and it's located in Sussex County.

(3) Salvelinus Fontinalis, If you thought Salvelinus Fontinalis wass a character from Sopranos, you weren't even close. It's better known as a brook trout, and it's our state fish.

So, how many of those did you know? They were all news to me. If you want to learn more very interesting facts about the state you live in, just check out

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