Recently, a website set out to explain what growing up in each state in America means. Did they get it right about New Jersey?

The site,, gave three points about what growing up in each state means and here's what they said about the Garden State. First, you don't go to the beach, you go "down the shore". So far so good.

They also say " we never really learned to pump our own gas". Right again. We are law abiding citizens. The article also says it's not really breakfast without Taylor Ham or pork roll.  Correct again!

I would like to add some things that I think people who live in New Jersey will appreciate...

You will hit traffic today.

You will see construction today.

You will be shocked by the price of something today.

You will be late for something today.

You will be cursed at on the roads today.

You will curse at someone on the roads today.

Something will happen at work that will infuriate you.

You will pay a toll today.

I'm sure that's not a complete list, but I'm also sure you nodded at least five times while reading that list. if not, I'm pretty sure you weren't born in New Jersey.

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