The hot, sticky summer weather has everyone looking for ways to cool of my favorite ways to beat the heat is from the inside out with a tasty adult beverage!

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    Wine Slushies

    Only two ingredients required: your favorite wine and frozen fruit. Blend it up, using more or less fruit to reach the consistency and flavor you like. Some good combos include rosé with pineapple and mangoes, white wine (like Pinot Grigio) with peaches, or red wine (like Pinot Noir) with cherries. Yum!

  • Pretty AND delicious? Sign me up! (Laurie Cataldo)
    Pretty AND delicious? Sign me up! (Laurie Cataldo)

    Caribbean Queen

    True story: this cocktail once won me a bartending contest on vacation. It's a take on a standard piña colada, adding in .5 oz each of blue curacao and melon liqueur. The result is a beautifully-colored, frozen tropical delight! Get the full recipe HERE.

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    Mama's Milkshake

    Let's be honest, milkshakes are delicious, and they are even better with a grown-up kick! I love taking a scoop of good coffee ice cream and mixing it up with a cup of milk and a shot of chocolate vodka, but the flavor possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

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    Watermelon Freeze

    This one screams summer time. Combine 2 cups frozen watermelon cubes with 2 ounces of vodka (or rum or tequila) and .5 ounce of lime juice. (Add a little simple syrup if the watermelon isn't very sweet.) Blend away for a delicious frosty summer treat! If you're feeling extra fancy, top it off with some sparkling wine, because...bubbles make everything better!

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