Today is National New Jersey Day. It's a day to celebrate the Garden State and all the great things about the place we call home.

We thought it might not be a bad way to celebrate National New Jersey Day by addressing some of the things comedians and anyone not from the Garden State seem to think New Jersey is all about.

Most people have a really dated, incorrect impression of the Garden State, and we're celebrating our day by doing our best to correct these unfair stereotypes...

New Jersey Stereotypes

We're not saying that there aren't plenty of things to make jokes about here in New Jersey. We're just saying it doesn't have to be the same old tired jokes that aren't really true and, frankly, aren't really funny.

And while we're at it, how about a quick mention once in a while of the great people and wonderful places that make New Jersey what it is. If it was so bad, why can't I find a parking spot anywhere in the summer?

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