New Jersey has some wonderful higher education opportunities for students, and a recent report lists 5 New Jersey colleges among the country's best.

The research was done by The Stacker, and their conclusions were broken down into two lists, the top 100 public colleges and the top 100 private colleges in the United States of America, and the Garden State was pretty well represented.

Overall, there were 5 colleges from the Garden State named. There are 3 New Jersey colleges named in the public college category and an additional 2 in the private college category. Here are

Stevens those colleges at the rank they received in their respective category.

Top Public Colleges

#80 Rutgers - Newark

#61 The College of New Jersey

#38 Rutgers - New Brunswick

Top Private Colleges

#77 Stevens Institute of Technology

#5 Princeton

For the record, here are the top 3 colleges in each category. For private colleges, it's Yale at number 3, Stanford in the second spot, and the top private college in America according to the article is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In the public college category, it's the University of Virginia at #3, University of California - Los Angeles come in at the #2 spot and the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor holds the #1 position in the category.

You can check out the entire list at The Stacker.

There re some amazing colleges throughout the Garden State and some great students and professors and school staffs as well, and we salute all of you for your hard work and dedication in the name of education.

We think all of our local colleges do a great job and each of the students should be proud of their personal accomplishments. Keep up the great work!

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