This past weekend, we celebrated the newest member of the New Jersey Hall of Fame at the Paramount Theater in Asbury Park. 

It got me thinking about all the great names that are in the Hall, and then I started wondering how many of those names are real and how many aren't, and I came across some real names you might not recognize.

Granted, one or two of these are well known, or at least pretty easy to figure out, but a few of them pose a real challenge. Let's see if you can name these 5 New Jersey Hall of Famers by their real names.

Walter Willis

Francesco Castelluccio

Steven Lento

Raymond Vicimarli

Louis Cristillo

I think a lot of people will get two of those right, but how many of us can get more than that right without googling it? Give it a try and we'll have the answers for you tomorrow. Good luck...and no cheating!

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