We all know that the horse is New Jersey's state animal and that the blueberry (highbrush to be exact) is the state fruit. But there are some state symbols you might not know.

We thought it was our duty to pass along some of the not as obvious state symbols in case you're ever at a party with that know it all friend of yours or in case you're ever on a game show.

Here are five of the less known state symbols according to statesymbolsusa.org...

State Shell...you know as in sea shell. Yes we have one and it's called the Knobbed Whelk.

State Butterfly...we have one of those too. It's the Black Swallowtail Butterfly.

State Dinosaur...no it's not the guy in marketing who still refuses to use email. It's the hadrosaurus foulkii.

State Folk Dance...stretch those muscles, because when you do your next square dance, you'll be doing New Jersey's state folk dance.

State Fish. this is probably the most known of the least known symbols. Our state fish is the Brook Trout.

Now you are much more prepared for your next visit to a game show. When they ask you to tell them all about the Hadrosaurus Foulkii or the Knobbed Whelk, you can pretty much back up the truck for all that money you're about to win.

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