Once again today, Liz and I get to do our show live from the boardwalk in Asbury Park, and some of the history of this great town is amazing.

So now we present to you 5 things you may or may not know about the history of the great city of Asbury Park.

It was purchased for only $90,000 in 1871 by a New York broom manufacturer named James Bradley.

It was named after Francis Asbury, who was the first bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church in America.

Tillie first appeared in 1880 when George C. Tilyou opened his Steeplechase amusements on Ocean Avenue.

Convention Hall appeared in it's current form in 1929, making the boardwalk a destination for shoppers and movie and concert goers.

600,000 tourists vacationed in the city from the Victorian era through the 1960's.

It is so amazing to see the beautiful beaches and gorgeous boardwalk in Asbury Park, and add the great restaurants, attractions, the new hotel and all the great shows and events and it's wonderful to know that Asbury's beat days are still ahead of it!

Get more info on Asbury Park's history at  the Asbury Park Historical Society's website.