St. Patrick's Day is coming up fast, and whether you're trying to stay festive after a local parade, or just have a craving for Irish food, there are some great places for Irish fare in Monmouth County!

Homemade Irish Beef Stew

Also, I *know* that neither corned beef or Reubens are traditional Irish foods, but they have to be associated with both St. Patrick's Day and Irish cuisine in general, so...take that for what's it worth.

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    McDonough's - Keyport

    One of my favorite local Irish pubs, McDonough's food is on point too! You can't go wrong with the Irish stew...or the Shepherd's Pie...or the corned beef...or...anything, really.

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    Dublin House - Red Bank

    Irish nachos, potachos, they go by several names... I just call them delicious, and the one's at Dublin House ALWAYS hit the spot. Granted, if you're looking for more traditional offerings, they're serving up shepherd's pie, fish and chips, and my fave: bangers and mash.

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    St. Stephen's Green - Spring Lake Heights

    St. Stephen's Green has a truly extensive menu of Irish foods, but for real, don't miss the baked aged cheddar or crock of cheese to start your meal. Insane. They also have traditional sides like colcannon AND you can a full traditional Irish breakfast anytime!

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    Kelly's - Neptune City

    Kelly's is probably best known for their massive Reuben sandwiches, but I always got the corned beef when I went. They also have shepherd's pie, fish and chips, and Irish potato soup (Get the loaded potato soup bowl. Trust me.)

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    Clancy's - Neptune

    Clancy's and Kelly's are owned by the same folks, and have very similar menus. Makes it super easy!

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    Kim Marie's Eat 'n' Drink Away - Asbury Park

    Kim Marie's has lots of yummy food, but I really like their Irish fusion dishes like Irish egg rolls and Irish rice balls. It's a fun take on the traditional stuff!

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    Celtic Cottage - Long Branch

    So many options at the Celtic Cottage, but Irish sausage and chips gets me every time!

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