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Valentine's Day always creeps up on you sooner than you expect. With Valentine's Day 2021 fast approaching, it's time to come up with a gift game-plan for your special sweetheart for this year.

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Valentine's Day is the first major holiday of the year. It's unfortunate, however, how close it is to the Christmas holiday since most of us are still trying to recover our wallets (and credit cards) from what we spent then. Luckily, there are a few items this year available for you to purchase that won't necessarily break your bank, but are still super great ideas.

Anything that stands a part from the average, run-of-the-mill box of cheap candy is already a great place to start, but with these bad boys running you less than $50, you really can't beat it.

1.) No-Contact Forehead Thermometer

If you're looking for something practical to get your wife and mother of your children, if she doesn't already own one of these, this thermometer might be a good place to start. While it's not exactly romantic, it's a nice gesture that shows you understand how difficult it is to get kids to sit still for a temperature screening. Don't forget about the pandemic we're all currently suffering through. I don't think I've had my temperature taken as much IN MY LIFE as I have over the past eleven months. Imagine the struggle moms must go through with their kids if they don't have one of these to turn to?

2. Stylish Backpack/Diaper Ba

Sticking with the "mom" theme, here, sometimes, even though duty calls women as mothers to be ready for anything at any moment, even if they're out of the house, it would still be nice to look put together and presentable to the world while doing it. Hence the suggestion of this super-cute backpack that can be substituted for a diaper back. Let's be real - diaper bags don't always scream 'fashion'. However, this guy could help mom spice up her look a bit while still maintaining a level of functionality when she's out with the kids.

3.) Wine Decanter 

Moving right along, you can't go wrong with a wine decanter. Now, this is a nice gift for anyone in your life. Let's be real, who doesn't enjoy a nice glass of wine after a rough and stressful day? A decanter will only add joy to that experience.

4.) Bath Bomb Gift Set 

Keeping with the theme of relaxation, not sure there's anyone alive that doesn't enjoy a great bubble bath once in a while. You can't go wrong with bath bombs.

5.) Vanity Mirror 

While getting your gal makeup might not be the best idea (since you, most likely, have no idea what brands she uses for what), you can contribute to her makeup station with this super-affordable vanity mirror.

6.) Gel Nail Polish 

If you know your girl used to enjoy having her nails painted, but doesn't feel comfortable going back to the nail salon quite yet due to COVID-19, then you should absolutely think about gel nail polish as a gift. For those that don't know what the difference is, gel nail polish stays on for MUCH LONGER than the regular nail polish you can buy in a drug store. This nail polish sets with a UV light which you can also purchase at a modest price.

7.) 'Beauty and the Beast'-Inspired Infinity Rose 

Finally, if you're looking to go down a more traditional route for your Valentine's Day gift, you're probably envisioning something like flowers and candy. What if you put an original spin on that idea? Every girl grows up watching Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Perhaps, the most iconic "prop" in the entire movie is the encased rose given to the Beast by the witch. It essentially embodied the symbol of love for the entire movie. When gifted an encased infinity rose, the message delivered is one that says "My heart is yours forever". Trust me on this one, fairy tales ruled our lives growing up.

Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday this year. Since most of these gift ideas are available through Prime, even if you forget to get your gift until the week-of, anything from this list would be considered special.

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