Wednesday night at Collins Arena, the Harlem Globetrotters gave the crowd another great show. The kids were laughing all night long. What a great event for the whole family. I have to admit, the minute "Sweet Georgia Brown" came on, I felt like a kid again myself! I had a blast being the guest ref and even being part of a few of the Globetrotters signature plays!

 As I was being prepped before the game for one of those plays, one of the Globetrotters officials said to me, "You can catch a basketball, right?". I assured him I could, then I began to panic. Imagine if I was the guy to mess up a play on the only basketball team in history that doesn't ever mess up!

Lou Russo with the Harlem Globetrotters

It turned out ok though. I made the catch and got out of there without ruining their reputation (or mine). And by the way, these pictures made me look taller than I really looked out there. At halftime I was wearing a camera on my head, so you could see what it was like being around the Globetrotters from my perspective. I'll post that video soon!

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