Lou Russo said he thought something memorable would happen during his third career game against the Harlem Globetrotters last night at Collins Arena in Lincroft. He had no idea how right he was.

He was moments from becoming part of basketball history for scoring the least point in a game in the history of the sport, but his total wasn't zero. It was much worse than that.

As Russo raced onto the court for warm-ups just prior to the game he looked sharp, hitting several lay-ups, his All-Star teammates were ready with the high fives, but little did Russo know that five would be the number of the night.

With just 2:00 minutes left in the first quarter, the All-Stars head coach peered down the bench and gestured to Russo, letting him know he was about to enter the game and walk into basketball history.

Lou shows some defensive skills. (photo Diane Russo)

After being announced, Lou immediately was offered a nearly impossible 4 point shot, and promptly missed it, banking it off the backboard, and then came the record breaking moment.

Lou was told he could take an open three pointer. If he hit it, he would get 3 points against the mighty Globetrotters. If he missed, he would cost his team 5 points. He missed, thus finishing the game with -5 points, the current basketball record.

After the game, Russo addressed the media, saying not every night is a good one. " If the shot goes a few dozen feet the other way, I'm a hero. It's an unforgiving sport." The All-Stars wouldn't comment on Russo's future with the team, but his name does not appear in tonight's line-up.

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