They're called Sqeeze'Ems, and they're reusable food pouches for your child's lunch box!

I spend far too much time and energy trying to pack the perfect lunches for my boys. Just the thought of a trip to the grocery store next week for back-to-school lunch and snack shopping is a bit overwhelming.

With a cabinet full of all their favorites, it then becomes a matter of creativity to not pack the same thing day after day (or, I should say, night after night, since that's when I have to do it.)

So it's interesting when something new comes along that can add a little excitement to an activity that becomes tiresome and starts feeling like a dreaded chore after the first month of the school year.

Squeez'Ems are resuable food pouches with a screw top cap. Which means a fun and efficient way for your kids to bring their favorite blended or pureed foods to school with them for lunch.

The pouches are easy to fill with yogurts, applesauces, puddings, or homemade smoothies. My son makes amazing smoothies out of blueberries, strawberries and bananas that have FAR LESS SUGAR and junk in them, and more fruit, than anything I can pre-purchase on store shelves for his lunchbox, so this is an excellent solution!. And he can drink it right out of the Squeeze'Em!

These are easy to fill, clean, and store, are BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free, refillable and resuable...making them a nice alternative to store-bought premade food pouches, and perfect for families concerned about the environment.

Squeeze'Ems are also great for kids with allergies to many store-bought foods since you can easily fill the pouches with your own cooked foods. And for those with regular milk allergies, it's hard to find soy or almond milk available in the cafeteria line, so again, this pouch is perfect!

And the pouch has a clear window on one side, so that your kids can see what's in there! The pouches have a 100% leak-proof seal, too.  Squeeze'Ems are available at BabiesRUs and Amazon. Click here for more info.