Every parent knows what a big moment it is when their child gets their braces off!

It can be a long, uphill battle to realize your child needs braces.

And Benjamin was a CHILD (compared to the 5'10" young adult he is now) almost three years ago when he had to first see an orthodontist. Although I didn't talk about this on the air back then, Benj had been in a bad, freak accident involving a metal bar that slammed him in the face that, in the long run, led to him needing braces.

Since his mouth had been traumatized he dreaded the thought of having any more work done on it and really was melting down at the thought of even opening his mouth for anyone, ever again.

After going for more consultations than I can count, we met Dr. Andrew. He's got this quiet, calm demeanor (aka the opposite of me!) and, no matter how upset my son was prone to get back then, Dr. Andrew was never anything but patient, kind, steady, comforting, and everything you'd hope for in the bedside manner of a doctor.

I have seen many kids get braces. And always wished my child didn't have to go through the stories of tight bands and the headaches that can ensue, rubber bands that constantly have to be changed, kids that bite something the wrong way and have a brace pop off, etc.

So I never thought I would be the one to say, after just a few months into the procedure, that Benj having braces was a non-issue! The entire experience, including the friendliness and expertise of all the dental assistants and front-desk staff, couldn't have been more enjoyable. Even the other patients and their parents that I have met at Hoch Orthodontics all seem happy when they are there!

(Hoch Orthodontics, photo by Liz Jeressi)

It is honestly the opposite of what I thought it would be like to go through this process. And now my son has beautiful, straight teeth and can learn to smile again!!!

So...THANK YOU Dr. Andrew, from a mom that usually worries about EVERYTHING. Thank you for being able to do the unthinkable: put ME at ease in knowing my son has been in such good hands.

And also a big thank you to Dr. Amy Hoch and Dr. Gerald Hoch...this is a family practice and we love you all!

(Dr. Gerald Hoch with Benjamin, photo by Liz Jeressi)