It was such a treat this past Wednesday to have warmer weather than expected at the Jersey Shore!

This unbelievable February week set some records.

I had a chance to talk a long walk on the boardwalk in Spring Lake on Tuesday, but even though it was 75 degrees there was still a chill when the wind blew.

But Wednesday was absolutely INSANE! I think it reached 80 degrees on Main Street in Belmar!

My son went down to the beach, worked on his tan, and enjoyed the atmosphere of all the locals walking and cruising Ocean Avenue.

It was a stunning treat for a time of year where we are usually knee deep in snow and bundled up in layers.

Instead, people Wednesday were scrambling to dig out their flip flops and find their shorts and t-shirts!

Ahhhhh, Summer, how we LIVE for you!

Going back to the 'real' weather yesterday was harsh. By last evening I was walking around in a scarf, hat, winter coat, and my shoulders pasted to my ears as I braced for the cold every time I had to go outside.

No wonder we are all miserable in the winter! Please, dear February, bring back the summer weather. And that goes for you, too, March!

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