According to one website, not only is the Jersey Shore overrated, but it is New Jersey's most overrated attraction.

I can't begin to tell you how quickly my blood started to boil when I read this because I can't believe how preposterous that notion is. And I can't believe the article made me use the word preposterous. And yes, I had to look it up to spell it right.

Now, back to the topic. You might wonder what criteria was used by Far & Wide to determine this bold proclamation. It turns out that what is offered is a reference to MTV's Jersey Shore and a social media quote from one person.

While that doesn't strike me as in-depth research, the comments go on to say that the further south you go, the better the Shore gets, which I'm pretty sure is a shot at us here in Monmouth and Ocean Counties as well. Kind of like an insult wrapped in a compliment.

And by the way, using the show Jersey Shore to learn about the actual Jersey Shore is kind of like using the movie San Andreas to promote tourism to the West Coast.

And everyone is entitled to their opinions, but it is mine that if you use the word 'tacky' to describe our Jersey Shore, you were hanging out in the wrong places, or you didn't stay long enough.

So, maybe we should get another shot. Come and visit and I bet you'll see what you're missing. If not, no worries. Someone will gladly use that parking spot.

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