Oh, how I wish I had been there!

This precious baby decided the beach in Point Pleasant was the perfect spot to catch a little sun Saturday.

This beauty is totally healthy. Although we don't usually get treated to such a sight, the seals are always swimming by our area!

(Photo by Barnegat Bay Island, NJ)

The experts from Barnegat Bay, NJ (volunteers for the Marine Mammal Stranding Center), say that seals live both in and out of the water and are just fine, thank you very much, without you thinking you have to help them back into the water!

The best thing you can do if you spot a seal resting on shore is to remind others around you to keep a distance and allow these beautiful creatures to relax. Of course if it looks like the seal is unwell, you should call the experts and let them handle it: 609-266-0538.

(Photo by Barnegat Bay Island, NJ)

Let's not forget...this is still a wild animal. It's never a good idea to put you and your kids next to the seal for a selfie. Likewise, if you have your dog at the beach and spot a seal, don't stress out the seal or put your dog in danger by letting your dog get too close. Put it this way: a seal's teeth are bigger and full of germs.

For more info on seals and what to do if you spot one, CLICK HERE!