I'm a Mets fan through and through. I'll admit that it's always more difficilt to handle a Mets loss on a day when the Yankees win. It 's just part of the rivalry. And the Yankees are always winning. It's a little annoying. But Mets fans aren't only about winning, or we wouldn't be Mets fans. This Mariano Rivera injury is different though. I want to put the rivalry aside and stand up next to all Yankees fans and root for a speedy recovery. Mariano deserves that.

This guy is a legend who should end his career exactly the way he wants to on the exact day he wants to. He's a player who has amazingly avoided controversy his whole career and he has been a player that has reinvented his position forever. You don't come across a player like that too often.

So I encourage all my fellow Mets fans to, if you haven't already, put aside the rivalry for this one. Heal quickly Mariano, we all want to see you play again.