The Jersey Shore is celebrating spring's arrival with the sounds of coughing, sneezing and wheezing. Welcome to allergy season.

According to, it's not about the weed or grass right now, so if you're looking for a culprit, you don't have to go much further than the tree pollen. Levels are expected to be moderate through the rest of this week at the Jersey Shore.

If you check out the allergy map, it looks like the worst of the allergy suffering is taking place in the southern half of the Garden State, and as you look south of our area, you can see what could be a glimpse into  our future.

The middle section of the east coast is dealing with "very high" pollen readings as opposed to the moderate readings we're currently dealing with here at the Shore. Let's hope we don't have to deal with any worse than we already have.

The moderate pollen, which is affecting so many people at the Jersey Shore is expected to remain in that range today, tomorrow Thursday and Friday. So get ready for some more sniffling, sneezing and wheezing at least for a while.

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