If you suffer from high pollen levels, this will most likely be a rough week for you at the Jersey Shore.

A Local Pollen Alert has been issued by the National Weather Service for several Jersey Shore towns, and pollen levels are supposed to be high today and even worse by the end of the week.

Throughout most of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, the tree pollen level is expected to be high today, and then remain "high" through Wednesday. By Thursday and Friday, the levels will reach "very high", according to the Weather Channel.

The tree pollen level will not drop below the "high" category until Sunday, according to the report. So those who are, and have been suffering, through this tough season, should brace for another rough week.

Ther3e are ways to lessen the pollen's effects on your allergies, including washing your hands, face and clothes after they've been exposed to pollen, wearing sunglasses and limiting exposure during warm, windy mornings, according to pollen.com.

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