For the first time this year, I watched a movie in a movie theater. Unfortunately, not many people can say that...It bums me out! I only know a handful of people who still go to the movie theaters... I think everyone should still go!

Anyway, the last thing I want to do is go into detail about how bad the pandemic affected the movie theater business. We know how bad it was, and even though things are getting better, for this article, I would like to highlight the workers at AMC Monmouth Mall 15...

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My date and I saw Jackass Forever. How romantic, right?! HAHA! We were belly laughing for the entire movie so it's safe to say we had an awesome night. We enjoyed sipping on slurpees and lounging on the comfortable movie theater chairs. If you need a fun night out and you're okay with seeing a few ridiculous things, I highly suggest you see Jackass Forever...

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Most importantly, our experience at AMC Monmouth Mall 15 was tremendous. It felt great to once again have that "movie theater feeling" back. The theater was crowded and you can tell people were happy to be spending a night in the theater. I understand you can watch Netflix and Hulu, but come on, seeing a movie in the movie theaters is totally different and totally worth it. It's a one-of-a-kind experience!

The workers at AMC Monmouth Mall 15  were very kind and helpful. They did a great job helping customers with tickets, the snack stand workers were moving at a rapid pace, and the sense of getting COVID-19 was non-existent. The movie theater was very clean and you can tell the theater is taking the necessary steps so that everyone stays healthy. Seriously, go enjoy a movie! Have a fun day or night out with friends and family! THANK YOU TO ALL THE AMC MONMOUTH MALL MOVIE THEATER WORKERS. WE APPRECIATE YOUR HARD WORK! 

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