Newsweek Magazine teamed up with The Leapfrog Group in naming the "best" Maternity Hospitals in 2021, and an Ocean County hospital made the list.


Having a baby is so joyful, the best thing, and the scariest thing in your life. I remember when I had my daughter. I know several friends that had babies and switched doctors because of the hospitals they delivered babies at. It's so important that you have a great doctor, one you feel most comfortable with, and a hospital that you can trust.

The hospitals here in Ocean County, I've heard nothing but raving reviews about their maternity wards, so we are very lucky.

There is one hospital in Ocean County that made Newsweeks "Best maternity Hospitals 2021" - Ocean Medical Center in Brick. Newsweek teamed up with The Leapfrog Group, a non-profit that reports on the safety and quality performance of health care facilities around the country.

There were 3 hospitals in New Jersey that made the list, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, University Hospital in Newark, NJ, and Ocean Medical Center in Brick. Way to go to these three hospitals and a special shout-out to Ocean Medical Center.

I just received an email from Jenny in Brick after announcing this hospital on the air. She gave birth to her beautiful Natalie last year at Ocean Medical Center and she said it was absolutely a wonderful experience. Thank you, Jenny. I love when we get emails like this, kisses to little Natalie from us.

Click here for the complete list of hospitals that met Newsweeks "Best Maternity Hospitals 2021".

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