When Valentine's Day ended at the Jersey Shore, it really ended. Hours after Valentine's Day ended, the shelves were cleared ant the next holiday was being ushered in.

I went to pick up some Valentine's Day wrapping paper for a late gift just 9 hours after the holiday officially ended, and I couldn't find a bit of it. Unless I was willing to wrap the gift in Cadbury eggs, I needed another plan.

The ironic thing is these are the same stores that thrust Valentine's Day stuff in my face even before the New Year's champagne went flat, and now we're barely halfway through February and I'm surrounded by bunnies, plastic eggs and a sea of pastel colors.

Newsflash... Easter is nearly two months away (April 12 to be exact), so why is the only thing I can find in the store with a heart on it on February 15th is a box of Lucky Charms?

I actually did find some wrapping paper with hearts on it in the second store I went to, but I had to buy a 50-foot roll to wrap a box that could fit in the palm of your hand, but I can live with that. And it was so far in the back of the store, I was nearly in the parking lot.

I know what you're thinking. If I started seeing Valentine's Day stuff while I was still eating Christmas leftovers, then why was I unprepared? You're right, but that's not my point. My point is why do we rush everything?

Let me put it in terms of food. Can I at least finish my heart-shaped box of Russell Stover before I'm buying packages of Peeps? Can I eat my Christmas leftovers before I'm on line to pay for a box of sweetheart candies? Can I have my 4th of July hot dog before I invest in back to school supplies?


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