We tested your knowledge of the Jersey Shore with a Jersey Shore History Trivia question, and if you didn't get it right, you're going to be pretty upset with yourself.

Lets review the clues we gave and then let you know today's answer. Can you guess it from these numerical hints?

Clue #1 173

Clue #2 1946

Clue #3 1954

Clue #2 was the year construction started, and Clue #3 was the year it was opened to the public. Did you get it yet? No? Well, Clue #1 is how many miles long it is. How about now?

If you're still wondering, it's time to reveal the answer, and as we said yesterday, this place is a source of aggravation during it's lengthy history, which was kind of a clue itself. All of that brings us to today's correct Jersey Shore History Trivia answer...the Garden State Parkway.

You can get more Parkway history at gsphistory.com.



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