We asked you to name a town in Monmouth and Ocean Counties with only three names from the town's past as clues. Let's give you the answer now.

First, let's recap the clues we gave you. Here are the three names from the past that we used as clues and the explanation for each.

Three Partners’ Mill. This was the first name used to refer to the area located parallel to where Route 88 is now near the Metedeconk River

Jesse Richards.  He was the man who created this town's first mail service in the early 1800's

Erastus Dickinson. He was the guy who decided the suggested new name for this town, " Brightwood",  just didn't fit and he adjusted that to come up with the name this town is known as now.

Did you get it yet? If not, it was a simple change from "Bright" to "Lake" that changed the name of this town forever. Congratulations if you guessed Lakewood. Get more historical facts at lakewoodnj.gov.


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