We challenged your knowledge of Jersey Shore towns with our latest Name The Jersey Shore Town quiz. Did you get it right?

We just gave you a few clues about a popular Jersey Shore town, and no explanation of the clues. And with only that small amount of information, we were surprised at how many Jersey Shore residents got it right.

Let's review the clues we gave you, and this time we'll include the explanation of the clue next to it. If you hadn't gotten it right before the additional information, this might just put you over the top.

Here are the clues we gave yesterday, along with today's additional information...

(1) Portland Pointe...was once the name of this shore town.

(2) Thomas Henry Leonard...was the first mayor of this town.

(3) Argonaut Jr....Simon Lake (who many believe to be the father of the submarine tested his sub by this name of the coast of this town.

Did that help you at all? Hopefully one of those names gave you the clue you needed. If not, that's ok because we're about to tell you the answer anyway.

If you said Atlantic Highlands you got this Jersey Shore Quiz right! You can find out more great info about the awesome town at the Borough of Atlantic Highlands website.

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