We love to dig into the rich history of our area just to find out how much yo know about it. Today we place the spotlight on a small Monmouth County town.

Here's how it works. We provide you with a handful of clues and you try to guess the town we are talking about. And these are all great conversation starters to remember for your next virtual party.

Here goes. Check out these clues and see if you can name the town. And don't scroll down too quickly. The answer is listed below.

This town was once called Marsh's Bog.

When it started this town had a dozen homes, two stores and two taverns.

The town's first mayor served fro 1903 to 1913.

Currently the town has a 0.5 square mile area and has a population of 1500.

Do you think you have it yet? No? Alright, we'll give you a couple of bonus clues to put you over the top...

We're pretty sure the current mayor gets daly briefings.(spelled wrong on purpose...you're welcome).

This town's Main Street was once a Native American path heading toward the Manasquan River.

So, how about now? Did you get it? How about this giveaway clue...

This town's name literally means "farming valley"

If you're still struggling, you shouldn't be. We literally just gave you 50% of the answer. The first 50% to be exact. So, in order to avoid any headaches, let's just give it to you.

The correct answer is Farmingdale.

If you got it, good job, Thanks for playing!

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