We all absorb as much as we can about the area we love but there is just so much information to know, it's hard to grasp it all. That's why it's fun to occasionally ask you to Name That Monmouth County town.

The concept is really pretty simple. We dig up some facts about a beloved town in Monmouth County and then we ask you to identify it. Some versions of the quiz, are pretty simple, and some versions are pretty tough.

This week's round leans much more to the pretty tough side, but, to our surprise, a lot of you got it right. We're not sure what gave it away. Or maybe it's that you are just so smart!

For those of you who didn't get a chance to play, we'll give you the clues one more time. Here they are and good luck...

Clue #1 Portland Pointe. Obviously the name of a place? But how does it fit in? We'll add the clue..that's an old name.

Clue #2 This town is now named after none of the founders, but some of their names were Leonard, Martin, Woodward, Laurie and Lake.

Clue #3 When this borough was being formed, the major source of transportation was steamer service.

So, you knew it had a name that wasn't anyone's name, and the odds are it was waterfront with an old name that included Pointe, and the reference to steamer service.

Plus the bonus clue was that it was a multiple word name that made it the longest town name in Monmouth County (tied with Spring Lake Heights).

If you guessed Atlantic Highlands, you got it right, and if you did it without Google, more power to you.

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