We're going to give you a chance to show off your Monmouth County knowledge with the Monmouth County name game.

Here's how we'll play, We'll give you clues about a town's name, maybe it's origin, story behind it, or a name it used to be known as, and we'll see if you can tell us which town we're talking about.

Of course, a minute or two on Google will get you the answers, but all that will prove is that you can type. We want to know you know you're stuff, so no Google, alright? Good. Let's get started.

This township used to be called Atlantic Township. The name probably comes from a shape formed by two brooks.

This township was named after a 19th century doctor who owned local land. But the town's name is spelled differently than the Dr.'s. It's missing a "t".

This township was once called Ocean Beach and Elco,. It's current name means beautiful sea.

This town was named after a successful real estate man who was Asbury Park's founder, but the town we are talking about is not Asbury Park.

This town was named after a legal term which had to do with voting laws and land ownership in colonial times.

There you have it. Five Monmouth County towns in the spotlight. How many of them can you name? Take your best guesses and we'll have the official correct answers for you tomorrow morning.

Here's an additional clue if you're trying to get them all right. Four of the five names are two syllable names. The other has 3 syllables.

So, good luck, and don't feel bad Ocean County residents, we'll b quizzing you next about town names near you!

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