We have some of the most awesome towns here at the Jersey Shore and it seems like we're learning something new every day about our area. Today we'll test your knowledge of one particular town.

Let's see if you can name this Monmouth County town.We'll give you some clues (and in today's case, we think they are pretty easy). Just take those clues and give us your best guess.

Today's spotlight falls on a Monmouth County town, and here are the facts that will lead you to the correct answer...

Avon and Bradley were once part of the family.

It's hospital has a seven word name.

God of the Sea.

Superstars Daniel Michael and And John Joseph were born here.

This borough was incorporated in 1881.

That's a lot of info right there and it should certainly be enough to get you to the correct answer.  We really don't think any of the clues need any further explanation, but just in case, because we love you, we are going to give you one additional clue.

This town is 8.84 square miles, with .72 square miles of that being water.

Now we really think we have done a very complete job on this one and we are confident you are going to get this one. Try to do it without the help of any search engines. I mean, we Googled it, but it's our quiz! Come on, you can do this!

Don't worry if you think this is going to give you a headache. We will be revealing the correct answer tomorrow morning at this time. Good luck on this one.

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