Do you think you could name some Jersey Shore towns with the only clue being the story behind the town's name?

That's exactly what we're going to try, so check out the stories behind the names of these Monmouth County towns and try to name them. Here we go.

Town #1

Location: Northern Monmouth County

Story: Named after a 19th century doctor, and the town name is actually a different spelling than the doctor's name.

Town #2

Location: Southern Monmouth County

Story:The name is a Lenni Lanape name that could mean "island door".

Town #3

Location: Southern Monmouth County

Story: Once called ocean beach, this town's name is a combination of two Italian words meaning "beautiful sea".

We think there are enough clues there for you, and we did give you three, so the odds of getting at least one right is pretty good. We'll have the official answers for you soon.

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